About Us

urside clothing

Do you want to know where your fashion comes from and who is behind it?

Our products are handmade in Salzburg.

A fashion brand was born in Salzburg in 2021 that embodies exclusivity, quality and sustainability and is different from all others. Welcome to the world of “Urside Clothing”.

At a time when the fashion industry is dominated by mass production and rapid consumption, Urside stands out. Every piece in our collection is made with the greatest care and attention to detail in Salzburg.

Urside stands for more than just fashion. It's a message - a lifestyle. To dare to dream and strive for more to make life worth living. It starts with you.

Join us on our journey into the world of Urside and become a part of it. Immerse yourself in the timeless elegance, enjoy the feeling of high-quality materials on your skin and proudly wear a piece that not only underlines your style, but also embodies your values. Be part of the sustainable fashion movement without compromising on style and quality.

My name is Paul Burkl. I am the founder, director and producer of Urside. Our high-quality fabrics are specially cut together by us using our self-designed patterns, then sewn together by hand by us and finally printed/embroidered by us. Every single step is carried out in Salzburg by our team. The exception to “Handmade in Austria” are our accessories, which are 100% sustainably produced.

Urside clothing is the revolutionary fashion brand with products...

...Handmade in Austria

Bring the revolution to the ur-side!

Paul Burkl

Founder, director and producer of Urside Clothing.